Repairs in Tucson…and the Desert Museum!

Where your home rolls all kinds of things can happen. Back in January we hit some road debris causing some damage to the back of the trailer, and it seems it may have knocked our axles out of alignment as well. We dropped our trusty Myrtle off at “Arizona Spring” and waited for the verdict from the mechanic, as well as the verdict from the Progressive Insurance writer. Good thing there was a fish taco stand across the street;) After a few hours of waiting in the truck keeping the cats amused we had our answer. Yes, the axle was out, both were, and yes the insurance would cover it, and four new tires. I was speechless, and pleased, not expecting that generous outcome, but with the axles out, all 4 tires and odd and uneven wear marks. It would take a few days…OK…now to find a cat friendly hotel:)

Our cats are not keen hotel guests. There is usually too much noise and nowhere to walk on their leashes without traffic and other odd humans, theirs are OK, everyone else’s is suspect;) We bring all their toys and beds but it’s just not home;) There are bathtubs to explore, and under the bed is always fun, and the room we found at the Quinta (pet friendly no extra charges) was a studio, so with a sofa (something to cover in hair) a chair (looked like their scratching post they said) and chest of drawers to explore along with all the nice amenities like a fridge and microwave. They made it through the two nights, terrified of the cleaning cart lady and her rolling monster that came by to clean the rooms, she never came in, but they heard the monster roll by. At least our Good Sam Club got us a corporate rate which made it all much more affordable:)

When we got the good news the trailer was done we couldn’t get out of the hotel fast enough! Big thanks to Sandy and all at Arizona Spring. We took advantage of having everything apart, that is the expensive work, thanks to Progressive Insurance and their great adjuster as well, and replaced the bearings and shocks and a few worn bits and pieces. Home sweet home! Not that the free breakfast buffets were not interesting, do many Americans go down in their pyjamas to eat the buffet breakfast there? That was different. Groot said the sausage patties we brought back weren’t that good and Mike wrinkled his nose at most of the fare as well but hey, it was a form of nourishment, sort of;)

We couldn’t get back into Desert Trails but the lovely park next door, Justin Diamond J RV Park (thanks for the amazing fresh grapefruit off your trees!) had an opening for a few days, we wanted to stock up on people and cat food as we were headed to the boonies of Nevada, where shopping is, well, not always actually anything more than small convenience stores selling bags of chips. And…it gave me free day to go to the Sonora-Arizona Desert Museum!

Their Raptor Free Flight is always a treat. I’d forgotten it was Spring break, yikes, very busy, we didn’t get anywhere near to the free flight demo but in the very back we did manage to watch and see some new birds! The Gray Hawk was gorgeous! Gray Hawks hunt from tall cottonwoods and willows along streams. They perch in the mid to upper canopy and wait for lizards or other reptiles on the ground or on tree trunks before launching a quick descending attack.

The Harris Hawks always amaze me. These birds hunt in family units. We had a family in Baja on the road down to the coast we would watch hanging about in the eucalyptus trees, stunning birds of prey…and then there is the Great Horned Owl, her name is “Lil’ Bit” I’ve been told from one of my favourite Facebook SW Birding groups. She stole my heart:) The sound of a Great Horned Owl makes me feel at home wherever I go:)

Did I mention the Hummingbirds….sigh…Mike went back to the truck while I sat and watched:) I so miss these little flying jewels as we head North and East. They were such a huge part of my life in Baja. Sat and talked with several other lovely photographers and family and we shared some stories and places to go. What a lovely crowd!

Did I mention the curled up Gato montes pair;) or the little screech owl the docent had, or the singing Cactus Wrens…sigh…I could spend days here…

But it’s time to head North, so next, our last stop in Arizona before we head North to the Valley of Fire and the Extraterrestrial Highway…the truth is out there! Stay Tuned!

Sunset in the desert

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