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Sunset at the estuary

It is always bittersweet leaving Estero behind. Hardly seems like a month has gone by but here we are at the end of January, seems so far away. I can still smell the tacos and am missing the smiles of the water refill store boys who wave as we drive by and Mariscos cart on the corner, those shrimp cocktails and the latest gossip about people we do not know, his family trials and tribulations and his weird porn, yup, he’s a sharer, on his phone…0_0 hahahaha, what some people want to pass on eh? 😉 The air in Ensenada was starting to affect me, and Beezil the old cat. With no garbage disposal (on strike, no money) people resorted to burning everything, plastic, styrofoam, everything….It created a noxious odour and those nasty little particulates, not good to breathe in:(…doesn’t seem to bother the birds…

The bird life in the estuary is a constant source of beauty and affirmation of life here, almost in the city but not. As the tides go in and out the wildlife change spots and reorganize with every passing hour. Crabs scramble as the Willets chase them, the Mergansers can be seen herding fish underwater, working in pairs as the herd of Egrets greedily follow them hoping to catch a tasty morsel unaware.

The Osprey comes and goes with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The seagulls tell tall tales to each other after the tide has gone out with scavenged pieces of fish. At low tide the Black Skimmers land in huge flocks (are they aliens or what?) and just sit as do the Egrets and Herons.
Now I’m going to have to explain to the cats…other than the fact there will be no more fresh fish or shrimp from El Garo, no more beach!!!!

The highlight of the cat’s day is a trip to the beach where the old RV park used to be. Now a brand new cement road leads there, empty lots sit, it makes me sad to see the park gone as it was truly a spectacular place to be. The cats don’t care much for busy days so after four, when most have gone home they get to go and run on the beach, free range kitties. Groot watches for passing bicyclists and Gamora stalks birds to no avail, they run and play…they are not going to forgive me;)

It’s not all seabirds here. The flycatchers wait and dash from the palms at flies. Mrs. Merlin has a spot in a leafless tree where she waits each afternoon, and the Red Tail Hawk, shyer than many used to humans was a wary watcher from the posts.

Gray days of January

With the rains have come some wildflowers on the beach and the orange trumpets the hummingbirds love so much, a few rare aloe blooms, not so much rain this Winter so far but a delight to see the wildflowers poking their heads through the sandy patches.

The last week we spent an afternoon in Valle de La Guadalupe-Birthday lunch at Laja-food porn for anyone who understands what simplicity and wonderful fresh ingredients can do. The wine pairing was fabulous, local wines all, especially the Bichi label from Tecate brought many smiles. I start to drool just looking at the pictures and reliving the flavours:) Best Birthday present ever:) It was a fabulous way to spend a rainy afternoon with my love:)

We hoped to stay through February but it was not to be. We headed back across the border at Tecate, a surprising 5 minute wait at the border had us flabbergasted, a kind, working without pay, CBP was gracious, a reminder how difficult life can be for these guys, even when they are getting paid! No emergency here folks, can someone pass that on to #45….

A bientot Estero, can’t bear to say adios Baja California:)

Last Estero sunset

Saludos amigos, stay tuned, back to Sandy Dayglo:)

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    • Thanks! We may be headed out your way in the next two weeks, still too chilly to head North! I’ll keep you posted!

  1. Oh Pamela! Your pictures and story warmed my frozen heart, it has been soooo cold here this winter, getting very tired of this -20 something temperatures and tons of snow. Your post cheered me up, Thank You. xo

    • It has been a chilly one! Getting updates about the horses! Brrrrr!!!!! Hope you guys get an early Spring, we’ll be back mid April hopefully! Make it warm!!!!:)

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