As summer fades away….

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Hard to explain that feeling, of summer slipping away, the first chill in the air, the bonfires and smell of smoke drifting across the water.

Maybe it is time to move on. I can feel Fall, and smell it in the leaves and ground. The freshness is gone and as the plants start to brown, and the flowers fade I know the time is coming. We’ll start looking at the maps and plotting our course West, and South.

Eleutheromania (n.)

Origin: Greek

Definition: An intense and irresistible desire for freedom.

Do we want to leave, no, not just yet. Many things are up in the air and it seems we have not had the time to visit with everyone we wanted to. Strange how quickly the months have flown by.

We will still have glimpses of summer in the next few days, warm days and hopefully more canoe rides out onto Otty Lake. Groot has taken quite a shine to his canoe trips. We have Regan and Sheila to thank for the use of the canoe and the stunning space here at the lake. It has opened our eyes to the joys of living lakeside. We will be eternally grateful to them for that.

…and there is the Perth Fair! A sure sign of Fall:) the wild blueberry stands will close after this Labour Day weekend and things will quiet down. We stopped at a stand along Highway 7 for some berries and a pie on a trip up North to Nirvana, an abandoned airstrip perfect for astronomy. The road in had been graded so now just to plan for last quarter, or new moon and hope the weather Gods will be kind and give us clear skies. It has been a cloudy summer, hoping for a sunny start to Fall. In the swamps the trees are already turning and a few pop here and there with yellow, the reds and oranges can’t be far behind.

Tonight the forecast is for 3° celcius, that “IS” chilly, time to bring the basil in and bundle up tomorrow morning for the farmers market, I have my fingers crossed for apples, and the Perth Fair! Stay tuned, I’m hoping Sunday and the heavy horses will not be rained out as predicted! Let the weather Gods intervene!!!

Saludos and keep warm!4-7-After the rainA

3 thoughts on “As summer fades away….

  1. Oh, to feel that crispness in the air you so eloquently spoke of! Here in Arizona we are still suffering with triple digits (F) and can’t wait until we have mornings that are cool enough to enjoy our morning walks. I envy your fresh fruits and the blueberries! That picture was so gorgeous I felt I could reach out and grab a handful!

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