Ensenada…OK, just one last blog;)

2017-02-16-214asSo I lied, one more Baja blog. Sometimes I forget just how amazing Ensenada and it’s surrounding areas like Valle de la Guadalupe are. Some people seem to blow through, spending the night but in such a hurry to get to a Southern beach they miss some amazing things this area has to offer. Stop, sniff the estuary air! Look at some birds:) I can’t think of any other place where you have an amazing array of flora and fauna, and you can walk for a taco;)

Great place to stock up. OK, I understand you Albertans and Montanans, I get it, you want warm weather and the beach, but this, must at least seem a bit toasty after leaving your -20°Celcius or Farenheit behind! Give it a try:) So many wonderful sights and smiles to greet you here.

Between your Cost Co’s and other big box stores you can shop in familiar areas where a very large part of the staff speaks English, no fear of not being understood, and you can also venture downtown to some amazing and wonderful shops where the Ensenadenses shop:) see my older blog: Ensenada, you just HAVE to go for tips on where to shop in small and amazing markets in the center.

…and what about that street food..yes eat it! All up and down the peninsula from those amazing roadside stands! Go to the crowded stands and enjoy! From the Cockteles at El Chilo on the side road into Estero (Also Poblano’s carne asada tacos here too:) to the birria, have you tried it? Either in tacos or it’s own little cup, tender beef (or lamb sometimes if you are lucky) cooked with chilies. They dip the tortilla tacos in the meat sauce before they serve it, try it with everything, cilantro, onions and beans…megadelicious at Birria Rodriguez on the main highway before Estero’s turn off. Also, killer Apple fritters and donuts at Donazi on the highway as well, who would have thought;) How could you go wrong here…for foodies or just plain ole gourmands there is something for anyone, just PLEASE don’t let me see you eating at McDonalds, VIP or Applebees…NOOOOOO!!!! Sacrelige!! If you need an upscale taste head to the Valle de la Guadalupe for lunch at Deckmans or the incredible tasting menu at Laja…don’t forget the wine pairing to sample some of the amazing beverages this valle has to offer…many of Mexico’s top 10 restaurants are right here!

This I have to admit is food heaven. Where can you for $5.00 enjoy lunch and beverages for two? Be it fish or Tacos al pastor (pork sliced off of a rotating skewer with pineapple sizzling on top…OMG) try it…You’ll like it. Be brave, get out of your comfort zone. I’m not saying you have to snack on fried grasshopper tacos (chapulines) downtown but try something new every day you can. Skip the CocaCola and try an “agua” de Jamaica (hibiscus flowers) or Horchata, a cinnamon, vanilla and almond dreamlike thin milkshake:) Man am I getting hungry writing this, think it’s time to stop and walk up the street from the RV park here for a shrimp cocktel:) make sure you ask for verduras in it, onion, tomato, cilantro and avocado on top…you will be back daily! I think I may have to take up a serious exercise regimen after being here a few months…doesn’t count raising my arm with a glass of wine;)…perhaps if I switch arms;)


Pagano by Lomitas winery in Valle de la Guadalupe

Saludos amigos, eat well and try the amazing local fare!

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