When will it be over…Christmas..bah humbug;)

I used to think this time of year was one of joy and sharing, but looking around me I see anything but that…shoving, jostling, tired people, traffic…and to the b@*ch who wouldn’t let us merge with the two horse trailer and now where else to go (yes the road was running out and yes, I actually did have to squeeze in..that’s called merging..the road is NOT your personal property) please remove the coexist

bumper sticker from your Honda back window..you obviously are a liar…What is WRONG with people..I guess this is a Holiday rant.

Let’s be truthful here..I am not Christian, nor do I belong to any other organized religious group..I am: ag·nos·tic      aɡˈnästik/  noun

“a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.”

I believe you are free to believe whatever you want, any way you want in any God you want as long as you are not pushing it on me, affecting me or closing in on my rights. There, that said…I may still have some Faith in the old Roman Gods, especially Bacchus;)

So somewhere along the line Christmas has gone from a religious event to a consumerist gorging that starts on Black Friday and doesn’t end until 2016. Just how much more”crap” do we need in our lives?

12-16-Hustle sign

The river of cars

A Christmas tree-600 pesos here in Mexico..that means someone here in Mexico making minimum wage, about 70 pesos a day, needs to work 8.5 days just to buy a tree…something is wrong here, and there.

Stress..everywhere you look..the word happy shopper is an oxymoron..I didn’t see any. Sad employees at VONS forced into wearing Santa Claus hats by some  upper level moron that thinks we want to see Santa everywhere? Why can’t all that money spent be donated to the really needy. Wouldn’t that simplify our lives and leave us with one less thing to worry about? Or to plant a tree, or to your local animal shelter? Or spend that money on a meal, with family, or not if that has become some horrid obligation for people to have to meet and suffer their drunk Uncle Ernie, it could be just friends. Or just save that money, put it away for something really meaningful to you. Christmas is not a happy time for everyone yet you are made to feel you must..be cheery..but there are folks out there that have suffered horrible tragedies.

2015-12-03 019 sign

Someone else’s Grinch

Yes, call me Grinch if you like. Perhaps it was the traffic, the never ending traffic, and the haste I saw that made me feel this way..or that last insidious Muzak Christmas carol playing on that endless Christmas carol satellite radio stations piped into homes and all retail outfits that made me want to rip my ears off. Too much is too much.

This Christmas I’ll leave to the Christians and I hope whatever celebration they conjure up will be a happy one. For me it is just another day in December. I try to celebrate every day for all the wonderful things that happen, every hour of every day of every year I am privileged enough to breathe in and out. Saludos amigos. Have a Happy December:)

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