Whaddya mean it’s September? I didn’t even get to part 3 of “Where did August go?” Ha!

I’m outta here!

In a few days we’ll be saying goodbye, or just one morning, they will be gone, that whirring sound of wings and squeaky chirps defending feeders, flowers, and perches. The Ruby-throated Hummingbird adults, males and females are gone, headed South, just the juveniles remain, playing tag at the feeder, seeing who is the toughest, stopping for a drink or to look at a possibly edible nectar-filled flower!

How do I know they are juveniles? They can’t figure out how the feeder works! Ha! And they are trying all the flowers, very cautiously, is this one good, or not? Fun to watch! Groot, Gamora, and Rocket say they would like to be hummingbird photography assistants in the morning when I sit, drink my coffee, and watch their antics. I have assured them I need the hummingbirds flying, not brought to me in their clenched jaws…;)

They still think they could be helpers;) Ha! Those sad faces…get me every time! At least they get to watch! The flower baskets are still popular out at the lakeside, everything that is red is game and out the other side they have been exploring the zinnias, dahlias, and gladiolas.

The Canna lilies are again a hit this year! I’ll dig them up after the first hard frost and store them in the basement with the dahlias, gladiolas, and crocosmias bulbs until the Spring. Next Spring I’d like to plant more in pots on the deck, where I can sit and really enjoy the show!

Nailed that landing!

We delivered the kittens’ Torch and Mask to Mike’s friend Dave after they quarantined for two weeks in the trailer. It was sad to see them go but at least we can go visit and watch them grow! Their sniffles were cleaned up, first shots, no more goopy eyes and eating us out of house and home! Ha! The traveling mewberries said there were terrible little mini me’s in the trailer, they wanted nothing to do with them! Let them be GONE! Three is just fine they said, NO MORE! Hahahahaha! Rocket thought he was being replaced I think:( Poor guy!

The trailer is cleaned and ready to be winterized. We’ve had it for sale, thinking of something a bit smaller but the market has been soft, if it doesn’t sell, maybe we’ll take it East next Summer and explore some of Canada we have never seen! We looked at a few newer ones at a dealer, Oh my we are spoiled with the quality of that DRV, everything else seems so flimsy and poorly made. We’ll have to look for something older to find the sturdiness and workmanship we cherish in what we have!

In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for these guys tomorrow morning while I drink my coffee. I may need a blanket! Our hot snap gave way to cooler temperatures today and finally some rain in the early morning hours. We needed that! Trees are starting to turn here and there, Fall is coming. Stay tuned for some fun shots from the Perth Fair Horse Show and my latest pebble project! Saludos amigos and Hello September! Did I mention I love Fall! Ha!

It was still pretty dark at 6 a.m. but those cloud reflections were too pretty to pass up! Colour faded quickly but it was a beautiful sight for twenty minutes or so:)

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