Things we take for granted…

I’m not sure this fabric carrier (cat litter below them) was meant to hold 50 plus pounds of cats! It was wobbly!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜… Groot, Rocket and Gamora #thetravelingmewberries riding down the I 81☺️

Today is day six heading South, we do take our time. It’s less shocking filling up the diesel tank going slowly…gulp. Less than North of the border but it ranges from $6.49 to $5.29 US a gallon. Not a litre but not an imperial gallon, is there such a thing? yes! according to Wikipedia:

The gallon is a unit of volume in imperial units and United States customary units. Three different versions are in current use:

  • the imperial gallon (imp gal), defined as 4.54609 litres, which is or was used in the United KingdomIrelandCanadaAustraliaNew Zealand, and some Caribbean countries;
  • the US gallon (US gal), defined as 3.785411784 L,[1] (231 cubic inches) which is used in the US and some Latin American and Caribbean countries; and
  • the US dry gallon (“usdrygal”), defined as 1⁄8 US bushel (exactly 4.40488377086 L).

There are two pints in a quart and four quarts in a gallon. Different sizes of pints account for the different sizes of the imperial and US gallons.

What would they say here if I asked for an imp gallon? Ha!

Either way the price is definite sticker shock. Our grocery store prices don’t look too bad either, they seem the same dollar amount, yet our dollar is worth less and the US more. I wasn’t expecting that.

Recycling. What is shocking is I have to empty our garbage today. KOA is very civilized as you only need to put your bag at the end of your site and one of the army of yellow shirted golf cart brigade will whisk it away to the dumpster for you all while smiling, what are they really thinking? Three wine bottles, crazy woman with a camera must be an alcoholic! Ha! I’ll probably take it there myself. We usually have a bag of garbage every two weeks, this is my 2nd emptying. Five RV parks, no recycling. It feels criminal to me putting glass, plastic and aluminum cans into the dumpster. It isn’t Mexico. There isn’t an old man who lives in a shack on the edge of the dump and picks through it to recycle it here is there?

I feel sad that so little is being done here or is it all a farce. Are my Canadian recyclables going in shipping containers to Indonesia or Thailand to be burned? Looking forward to heading West where we have seen recycling but I think I need to delve deeper into this for my own peace of mind.

Internet. Some days it seems like a dirty word. Our current civilization runs on it. I both curse and love it. Tips for getting a signal and being able to use RV park WIFI. Get up very very early. Downsize your pictures to postage stamps or wait until everyone is checking out. 11 am to 1 pm you can surf away! Our Canadian phone plan is a joke, sorry Koodoo, you suck. I could get roaming, handy for google maps ( to find that damn wine store!) for $15.20 a day, Canadian at least. Or, I could tuck your wee Koodoo sim chip into my wallet, exchange it for a Verizon pay as you go plan, no contract, and for $50 get a months worth of internet and calling. Sadly it seems my ancient Pixel 2 phone, along with all the newer ones as well won’t function as a hotspot with Verizon, so damn you Pixel. I CAN’T go back to google Fi! NOOOOO!

First world problems I know. You don’t realize how much you tap into the net, until you don’t have it. It’s our worst addiction and no cure in sight, until mind reading becomes possible, then I’m sure someone will off me, just for a thought, testicles I was thinking…hahahahaha! Yes, I’m up way too early…but there’s internet, I thought it was 6, it’s actually 5…time change today. I just got sniffed by Rocket as he sits and watches me type. We both had a long shower last night, hot water, luxury. Mike and I, not Rocket and I! I must smell better, do cats care? I may have to tackle the pay laundry today but I haven’t quite run out of shirts and underwear yet!

It’s what I miss the most, silly eh? aye? ye gads, don’t let me start saying huh? The fabulous washing machine. The ability to plunk smelly items in, pull clean ones out twenty minutes later and artificially heat them until they can be put back in the closet! I’m not a fan of the laundromat, the strangers, all looking at your underwear and sad bras…having to make small talk, ugh, yes, I am a misanthrope!

Oops, there goes my internet connection, I tried to do two things at once. Time to sign off, those eager happy faced campers must be getting up, and it’s raining. they all just turned on their smart phones;)

I felt sad last night. It’s been tougher acclimating than I thought and Mike is tired. That corridor is busy, he worries. I just navigate. Our next stop Monday is in Tennessee, hoping we can get INTO the spot. Mike read the state park was old and the turns tight. We’ll ask when we get there. Hopefully the sun will come out later and we can do some walking at Natural Bridge, it’s a beautiful spot. Even with people! Saludos amigos!

Natural Bridge State Park

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