Only 16 days left until Spring…oh joy!

I am not making any predictions…So far in the week we have had temperatures ranging from -22° Celsius to a predicted plus 13°…snow, rain, freezing rain and yes, some sun. We don’t want another plowing bill like Februarys please! So, occasionally you have to laugh out loud. Never knew Maya was a comedian but those ears had us all rolling, she was the only one, with snow covered ears after a wild snow squall that dumped multiple inches in less than an hour…no donkeys with snow on them, or any of the others felt it was necessary to stick their heads out into the squall from the run in shed to see what was going on, but she’s a nosy mare, and there might, just might have been some carrots to dole out she figured;) This time of year we need laughs. I’ve had a beak full, nose full, snoot full, whatever, of Winter. We were deceived last year! Sunday will be a challenge, freezing rain warnings, we won’t be going anywhere, thankfully there is still sand and salt in our barrels if we have to venture out in some emergency…not likely, hopefully:) but then, hey, it’s supposed to snow more on top of it Monday….

Driving down to the visit the horses takes us across the Narrows Lock. There is always some open water in places and sometimes we get to see something special. This beautiful Mute swan for one. I stopped to take a picture of a Mallard pair that flew off, saw a piece of floating ice and was quite surprised when it moved! Holy cow, er, holy swan! This is a LARGE bird, they weigh up to 26 lbs…I’m thinking ginormous turkey in comparison:) The next week I was excited to see two, so had Mike stop the truck and pull over in the howling wind (it was snow squall Maya snow ears day) I could barely get the truck door open as the wind was blowing down the lake but these lovely birds had found some peace and quiet in the lee of the rock wall that supports the road…and they weren’t the same swan either! Trumpeter swans!

I didn’t stay long in the wind but maybe they’ll be here next week as well:) Always a beautiful drive and something new. The Snow Buntings were gathering in the almost clear corn fields feasting as well. Such amazing aerial acrobatics as their flock soars and dives, everyone in perfect precision:) The almost clear corn fields…that was last week. We’ve had some amazing days that made you smile and think…Spring may just arrive, ah Mother Natures cruel sense of humour;)

A bit of rain leveled the rather large pile of snow on the lake so much you could casually walk across it! I’m sure the deer were overjoyed after trudging through the drifts. Mom was out front, waited for baby to get near before picking up canter all the way to the other side. I went down to poke about, and yes, there were parts of the red canoe emerging and the most beautiful ice feathers had formed on the bare surface areas. They are a delicate structure of crystals of ice that build on the windward side of objects. Lots of air moisture helped out with temperatures, gasp…above freezing!

And such happy cats! The steps and stairs to the lake were bare and hallelujah! It was time to practice for the “Winter Catolympics!” Stair rail balancing beam is always a tricky act! The mounts and dismounts can be quite spectacular;)

The descending stairway to the lake can be a tricky event! Especially when one is interrupted by the current champion Rocket!

of course they made up and went back down for a good sniff under the mysterious recesses of the dock! Who knows what strange beats wander under there?!

They do keep us amused these three Traveling Mewberries:) Gamora trots down occasionally but usually races back up, her favourite ploy is to take off down the driveway with one of us following, we have learned, if we don’t run after her, she usually turns around and comes back, it took a few tries of following her all the way to our neighbours porch before we figured this out…who owns who here I ask?;)

No wonder I need to sit outside and watch/photograph the birds to catch my breath! Raising head strong young cats is a full time job;) Actually cleaning up after them is more like it;)

We have a few newcomers at the bird feeders. Pine Siskins showed up and even a few more Common Redpolls from the great White North! Such bright splashes of colour!

Our usual cast of characters have been excellent models! Even in the snow, which is always a challenge but so pretty when you get it right!

They have their routines, as we all seem to. Certain birds show up at the feeders at certain times. Everyone leaves when the Jays descend, or when the mafia (squirrels) show up:)

We certainly have a large flock of Goldfinches, they seem so cheerful. There is the occasional bicker with the Nuthatches but everyone seems to share and share alike. It’s nice to watch. We are living in troubled times. Now that the Freedom Convoy were routed out of Ottawa, that was satisfying, our world is experiencing a huge bully. Seems they like to get their way regardless of the cost, but at what point is the cost too much, that is the question we are asking ourselves. I only hope that if we plan of destroying one another, we leave some of this glorious planet to rebuild without us, we are the infestation sadly, once saw a great comic-Earth has a thermometer in her mouth and Saturn tells her “I’m afraid you have humans”….I’m not sure if we can, or will involve, but I can hope…Springs eternal…ha! Just like waiting for it! Hold your friends and loved ones close, tell them you love them. Our time here is but a blink in the eye of the universe, use it wisely:) Now can someone tell me where my view went? 16 days until Spring…Let’s hope I don’t see it like this anytime again soon…am I jinxing us? Saludos y abrazos amigos! I need to go pet donkeys tomorrow…it’s therapy!

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