If Birds were Star Trek characters;) ha!

Captains log-star date 02062021 in the Milky Way galaxy… Meet Captain Picard (or Captain Kirk with that great hair!) here (although some might say a Bald Eagle or a California Condor would be more appropriate, none came by today;)…He takes life slowly, thoughtfully, savoring it, with some suet tea, hot…The rest of humanity out there could do with a bit of slowing down as well. I think perhaps the pandemic currently sitting on our shoulders has forced us in many ways to do so but I still shake my head in wonder at those that travel at a pace they see nothing on either side of them, just a small dot in the future, your life is today…

The log cottage below us went up for sale, American owners that can’t visit during the border closures decided to put it up for sale. The realtor fails to mention this is a one kilometer long lane, snow piled up on either side, very small country road that at a few times this week requires 4×4 or very careful driving to get in and out, one car at a time. There are no turn outs or places for two vehicles to pass, you have to back ALL the way out if you encounter another car…most people can’t do this on a slippery snow covered one lane road. It has been a three ring circus of comings and goings, when I thought we were supposed to be in lockdown? Here are people traipsing about the country side in minivans and small low clearance cars that have no clue where they are going, or what will meet them at the end. How have humans lived as long as they have if this represents a large segment of our population, maybe Darwin was wrong? ha! Last weekend of showings…we’ll see how many times the tow truck has to arrive, only one 4×4 tow truck around in the vicinity and you can imagine, it is busy at the best of times. Anyone have a Romulan disrupter out there I could borrow? 😉

So, we are not exactly stranded here, but we have to call the realtor to see when and for how long visitors are coming as we leave, and again as we try to go home, or risk running into someone, over someone;) It has been tempting, and that is not counting the looky-loos who just decide to drive in on their own…We walked out to check our mail and the speed at which drivers were flying in was astounding…they don’t deserve a place in the country if they can’t slow down even enough to take the view in as they drive in…ok, people rant done;)

Humans can learn a lot from cats…they are curious, take their time, sniff a lot of things to see what, and who has been by, they know how to play…They come from the planet Risa, they are Risians;) They don’t understand why we can’t keep the climate purrrfect…;)

and definitely know how to relax;)

They even get involved with my bird watching….Although I think Gamora may be a changeling…

I have to admit, they are not always helpful for bird photography;) Good thing they are easily distracted, food, warm fireplace etc….damn, what am I thinking sitting out there in the snow?

It pays just to sit quietly and observe, the behaviors of each of the birds are distinct, their attitudes and how they interact with each other is always fascinating. The small little birds, Goldfinches, Redpolls and Chickadees all seem to interact rather amiably with each other. Fluttering off at the first sight of danger, and just as quick to fly back to the feeders, and under the where they pick about for seeds thrown down from above. Could they be the Tribbles?

The Woodpeckers round out the top echelon, Pileated is in charge of the ship, We’ll call him Picard, the Red-Bellied is his Number 1. In line at the feeder, the Hairys are the Science officers, they battle back and forth with the Blue Jays, I think they are Romulans. The Downys fall in as the lowly red shirts;)

The next step up in the hierarchy involves the Nuthatches, White boss about the Red Breasted, they are the engineers of the Star ship! The Red breasted might be the counselors;)

The Blue Jays aka the Romulans, they don’t like anybody really and stay in the neutral zone the rest of you! The Black Squirrels, well, Ferengis, (Do you know the name Ferengi was coined based on the Persian term Ferenghi, used throughout Asia, meaning “foreigners” or “Europeans”) They don’t work well with others:) and the lone red squirrel, maybe he’s Data, never without food, all by himself…smart cookie, he might even be Vulcan;) Isn’t birding fun!!

I shall sign off for today, the crew, I mean Risians are waking up, it shall soon be play time, hoomans must amuse them;) Stay warm, stay safe, and can you stay off our road this week?! hahahahahaha!

4 thoughts on “If Birds were Star Trek characters;) ha!

  1. The photo of the MewBerry on the sled
    It’s good to see the humans pulling the cats around
    After all they are the superior species

    • Hahahahaha! They certainly think they are. trying to get Rocket to sit in the snow disc and ride down the hill with me! So far he is a bit nervous. Riding around in the wheelbarrow is OK though he says! Keeps his paws warm!

  2. One lane roads can be fun in the winter time!!! I seem to remember many years ago having to call on a friendly neighbour at the horse farm down the road so see if he could come over with his tractor to pull me out of the snowbank on one of our curves (thanks Michael) LOL!!!

    • Yes! We’d hoped the realtor could manage the traffic a bit better, this weekend not so frenzied as last at least! We have left the pulling out of the ditches to Oakes;)

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