-16°celcius is damn cold….yeah, yeah, I am part Mexican now, gimme a break! hahahaha!

How does it always seem to change so quickly, a few nights of this…is now…


I can walk on water, actually tried today around the dock, I have now performed a miracle, that’s enough for now! I’m now working on turning the water into wine, if I can keep it unfrozen! The good news is the fireplace insert is working like a charm, the insulation in the basement is keeping all those areas warm and we can stare at the thermostat in disbelief in the early mornings for giggles;) We have had some lovely donations of winter vests and jackets as well! We are READY for Winter!

Cats ARE not amused. The snow was bad enough but this!?!

You expect me to WALK in this?

I’m going to miss my lake reflections for awhile. Right now the snow has blown off most of the ice at this end, leaving trails and cracks as the Northern part of the lake is still open. Yesterday it was gurgling and humming as a strong wind, yup, on top of the -16°, was pushing the water under the ice, at one point it sounded like low sub sonics from helicopter blades, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh (acoustic dispersion Mike just told me! Think Blaster sound, Star Wars, my wonderful geek friends!)…weird enough for Rocket to head down to the dock, only to come racing back up on the handrail chased off by some weird lake monster groaning down there…he wanted in, “Thanks” he said, “none of this monster noise stuff for me! There is a fireplace waiting!” Groot agreed, shivering, in his luxurious fur coat…”Really” I said? After a bald eagle flew over I let him in as well, no use in tempting the eagle with a warm furry meal:)

The birds are always happy to see us! Peanuts for all, refill the feeders and suet, and even sit and try not to freeze and take a few pictures…true madness, it was SUNNY! A rare Ontario phenomenon! Ha! The telephoto gets very slow and stiff at these temperatures! I must have lost my mind, love photographing these amazing flying creatures, OK, huddled, perched cold, can you please move away from the feeder, creatures;)

Slowed the creek and waterfall right down! It is still running all along the road, the swamps are still draining into the lake, just at a much slower rate, and it’s not even Winter, December 21st yet! ha! Who made up these arbitrary dates like solstice anyway? According to Scientific American: “In ancient times, Dec. 25 was the date of the lavish Roman festival of Saturnalia, a sort of bacchanalian ( bac·cha·na·li·an/ˌbäkəˈnālēən,ˌbakəˈnālēən/ adjective characterized by or given to drunken revelry; riotously drunken)….(Oh yeah!) Thanksgiving. Saturnalia was celebrated around the time of the winter solstice. And in 275 A.D., the Roman Emperor Aurelian commemorated a feast day coinciding with the winter solstice: Die Natalis Invicti Solis (“The birthday of the Unconquered Sun”). The ancient sky watchers had no understanding of the sun’s migration; they thought this celestial machinery might break down someday, and the sun would continue southward, never to return. As such, the lowering of the sun was cause for fear and wonder.” ( I get that!) Doesn’t that beat a baby in the manger, frankincense and myrrh?…yup:) Speaking of Saturnalia, on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in a “great conjunction,” the closest they could be seen in the sky together for nearly 800 years. Not a Jesus star, just two planets hanging out, no social distancing, shame on them;) Hoping for some clear skies in the next few days to see this! I’ll try to take some shots, our view here from the cottage is too treed in so we’ll drive out on down the road a bit.

In the mean time, we’ll be keeping warm! Finding a sunny branch to hang out on;) Rocket says send more cats treats by the way, he thinks he might be able to take over the photo editing in the future….Stay safe amigos! We thank our lucky stars everyday.

“Where is the “eat and delete ” button?” Rocket asks….

2 thoughts on “-16°celcius is damn cold….yeah, yeah, I am part Mexican now, gimme a break! hahahaha!

  1. Time to get some skates Pam, before we get more snow to cover the ice!! I’m heading out on the $20 Pond shortly. This may be your only chance to ’embrace the adventure’ this year. 🙂

    • Mike did his miracle and walked on water this morning! I am a TERRIBLE skater…words can not describe just how horrible I am, I go out with little kids and the chair only;) hahahahaha!

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