Trailer repairs, the trials and tribulations of moving out of your “moving” house;)

Taking turns riding shotgun;) Groot is a draper…Rocket a percher…Gamora, well, she doesn’t like to sit here at all, unless to complain…”Are we there yet?”:)

The cats looked at us oddly, bundling them up and into the truck, late afternoon, this was not the usual leaving time!…and then…no trailer, all our things! “Are we going to the vet? are they giving us away?” they have all our stuff with them! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Gamora was saying, drooling, stressing. Oh Dear…how set in our ways we are! Twenty minutes later we arrived at our three night rental and the cats were flying from one end of the house to the other as we unloaded a truck full of cat blankets, cat toys, cat scratching posts, and various other bits of the traveling Mewberries paraphernalia;) man they have a lot of stuff! We had one small suitcase….

I forget how set they are in their ways. It’s like having a stable full of thoroughbreds, horse people will get this, they don’t like ANY form of change. Feed me at the same time, in the same sequence, or I will kick the crap out of the stall…simple…rules humans need to obey;) After twenty minutes they were all asleep on their blanket. We were worried about the 20 year old Beezil, he took it in stride, one trip to the kitty litter, water bowl and sunbeam and all was good with the world;)

Last RV repair we sat in a stuffy pet smelly (Cats said it was definitely dog smell;) Ha!) hotel room for 4 days, it was awful! Nowhere to walk the cats, no kitchen. We like to cook and eating out for that long would kill me and we love the quiet. This place had it all! Very isolated from neighbours, a hot tub to soak in and look at the stars, a full kitchen:) Perfect. The Insurance adjuster blanched at the price but I asked her if she could find me a hotel that would take us and all the cats with a kitchen we would go there….she sent a check instead;)* We do have a generous travel/accommodation amount as well. Something full-timers need to look at. If your rig is seriously damaged and repairs could take a month, make sure you are covered. For $60 more a year you have peace of mind!

After being an Airbnb host for two years I can honestly say we left the house cleaner than we found it when we checked out Saturday morning to head home to Myrtle. The cats had cleared all the dust bunnies off the tops shelves and kitchen cabinets;)

We received the call Friday from Carl’s RV Repair that is was ready to go. They did a wonderful job, the roof was sparkling! The branch that we encountered in Del Rio, Texas in November last year was a thing of the past now! No more duct taped skylights and bits of tape covering the roof where there were membrane tears! They also replaced the old TV antenna with a WiFi booster, replaced the broken skylight over the bathroom with a clearer brighter one and polished the scratches out of the smaller hatches! Desert trails said they would find a spot for us to leave it over night so we picked up our lovely home with it’s sparkling white new roof and drove her back to Desert Trails RV. We had a storage space for the night $4, then for two nights a spot near the back to do our shopping for our trek East into New Mexico:) These folks do their best to accommodate people when they can, always friendly and kind. A recommended spot if you need to stop in Tucson.

It was so nice to be in an adobe house again, even for a few days. They have a feel to them that is hard to describe. I think the traveling Mewberries were a bit depressed to leave that somewhat larger space behind but we’ll see what the future brings! Saludos amigos, we’re not quite out of Arizona yet! Some more birds and a visit to the Great Horned Owl nest before we bid farewell to Arizona:)

*Adding a foot note for fulltime RVer’s out there. If your rig is damaged, or in an accident double check what you are covered for hotel/rentals while your rolling home is being repaired. Last Spring we ended up paying out of pocket after our $1200 limit was used up. Our rig was in the shop for a week, that doesn’t buy you much in the way of hotels in California other than a few with bedbugs;) For a few extra dollars a month you can up that limit to $7500 and have some peace of mind, especially if it takes a month when there is something serious!

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  1. Happy to hear you are all fixed up and back on the road again! Looks like a nice spot you stopped at. Time to head home again?

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