Cowboy Churches? Concealed carry classes and 30.06 signs…Texas and West

I start to really feel like a real curmudgeon when I can’t find something nice to say about where we are/ humanity wise, not the nature that is around us that I consider to be my church, my spiritual place, but the towns and cities we pass through. I’m not Miss gregarious but I do talk to people and respect everyone’s decision to live the life they want, but I can still ponder those decisions made by others…can’t I? Of course I can, just not too loudly in the open carry states;) This park has 30.06 signs…Handguns prohibited, Concealed carry prohibited, someone complained on Google reviews about not being able to protect their family here…WTF??? What is this crazy world we are passing through! Along the highway signs proudly proclaimed “Learn to shoot your pistol here” and “Concealed Carry School”..missed getting a shot of those but along with the “$79.50 divorce” sign (not including court costs) I think I might understand, about the cheap divorce I mean…Mike asked if he should be worried…not a chance;)

So I “googled” cowboy church and it is exactly what it sounds like, a church made for cowboys. The services include country music and visual props of cowboy culture, such as tents, wagons and rustic fences. Baptisms might be held in a stock tank, the metal tubs that normally hold drinking water for ranch animals, hopefully washed out, they do get a large algae buildup in warmer climates;) They might ride to church on their horses…that’s a green way of transport on Sunday;) From what I’ve read a couple of decades ago only a few of these churches existed but now it is one of the fastest growing cults (dare I say that?) in the US and Canada. Humans never cease to amaze me how incredibly weird they are, or their need to seek some higher power for their after life. I’m a strong believer in live for the here and now…no promises down the road;) Now, as you may have guessed, I’m not Christian, I’d say I am agnostic, there is something out there but not a dude in a white robe with a long beard that sent his son down for a visit and quick crucifixion;)

So, outside of Corsicana, Texas we found a lovely state park, they had 30.06 signs at the entrance: Handguns prohibited/Concealed Carry prohibited….hallelujah! Sounds more like our kind of place:) Not actually something I even think of, but, this is Texas;) When we arrived Thursday it was overcast and chilly and we had the park to ourselves, no one in the guard booth on the way by so we made our way to our site and parked. The camp hosts did drop by later:) Seems they are required to close from 12-2pm..nice lunch hour:)

These are nice widely spaced sites along the lake/reservoir, you can see the dam from the trailer across the way. I thought it would be bird mecca but it has been quite quiet, a lone Downy woodpecker, a shy Mockingbird (that is a first) a few grass nibbling birds but my feeder and suet remain untouched. Black Vultures and Crows seem to form in large schools over the lake and flocks of white pelicans can be seen landing across the lake but few birds nearby:( The ones that are are incredibly skittish…The Heron and Great Egrets take off as soon as you get even close enough for a telephoto. I find that behaviour really odd. Most park birds are used to some human intervention, these birds almost panic when approached. Could be that because it is hunting season everything is on edge, I wasn’t about to wander into the bush;) I did get up early, heard an owl hoot and sunrise was glorious this morning at 6:30 and very, very quiet:)

On Friday the long weekend people started to arrive, oh well, there goes the peace but it is still a lovely spot! Down the road is a BBQ truck, a hop and a skip from the State Park entrance, Big Bo Sherms food truck. Brisket sandwiches and BBQ plates. He was chatty, asked us where we were from and where we were going, “A state park near San Antonio, then Del Rios” Mike replied…”Fine, IF you like Mexicans” was his reply…YUP, we do not only like, but love Mexicans…asshole…hard to chew my sandwich after listening to that, I wanted to spit it out…Boycott Big Bo’s….but wait..there is more to come sadly…

Sitting quietly, the grass became alive with fluttering wings. I missed a pair of Monarchs dashing by but these other three are new to me! A beautiful Orb Weaver was repairing her web, spinning silk to close the gap under a shelter by the beach. Grasshoppers and crickets jumped with each footstep-so nice to see life! It saddened me to see later some children and adult campers walking by had knocked down and most likely killed the orb weaver…only for being a spider. What is wrong with people? This is really getting to be the curmudgeon chronicles…

We pulled out Sunday morning, handed in our pass to the old geezer who was watching his Westerns on the TV when we checked in, he was chatty, looked at our South Dakota plates, figured us for one of his tribe I guess, where are you headed he said…West and then to Mexico we told him, “After what happened there this week!!!” I’m assuming he meant the Mormons….I asked him how many Americans killed Americans in the US this week…he shut up and turned his back on us…good riddance to another ass. Just saying, Waco is right down the road…what is wrong with these people? First the BBQ guy, then this one…because we look like you DOES not mean we think like you. I will be silent no longer to these old fools and their racism…

Makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach every time this happens. I try to brush it off, isolated instances but no…I’ll retreat back nature and it’s amazing beauty and try to keep my distance from people like this.

Saludos amigos and stay tuned for hopefully some kinder people as we make our way westwards…

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  1. North America is becoming a very sad and angry place. “The more I meet People, The More I love my Dogs”!
    Try to keep a positive outlook and focus on Nature (just not Human Nature) XO

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