At the barn…the best medicine

Where are my snacks? Where have you been?

It is the wonderful world of donkeys, horses and cats, in no particular order:) They come running, and trotting or as in donkey walk, amble over to you looking for love and some treats. It is a place of great peace and solace for me to interact with all these four footed creatures, and their servants, oops, I mean owners/humans;)

I’ve struggled this last month with the death of my Dad, sadness, anger, where does it all come from? These beautiful creatures have helped on some of the bad days, when I kick myself in the ass to get down to see them. We bought Phoenix some 23 years ago as an unbalanced Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross mare that astounded me with her temperament cantering around a 30′ small sand covered ring/barn. Bought her on the spot and never regretted a single day. So glad Joanne and her family has her now, she has bloomed with them in her later years…and Maya, our little baby Hanoverian, born in front of a barn full of lesson kids on a busy Saturday morning, a wonder to behold, a feisty foal that worried her mother to death with her pranks and antics of wandering off totally unconcerned to a young mare with lots of rights and then, a lovely creature to ride and handle and show. She is our beauty, looking much the same she did at 5 as she is now 19….and Dusty…

…he nearly ended up as dog food at a sales barn if it had not been for the pleading of several young girls who saw potential in him, and we grew to love him and his ways. So many winning rides for those hunter kids and such a great teacher. I loved riding him over fences, he was so solid, so trustworthy, sometimes needed a bit of encouragement at a new and crazy jump but he had a heart so big, he would do it!..and Quizzie, this little pony can bring a smile to anyone’s face. She is a doll, and sweet, not your typical pony by any means;) ha! So wonderful to be able to watch these beautiful horses born, or arrive and their voyage through our lives. They are family, and I’ve left a few out, Boots, the off the track Thoroughbred who is turning 31(!!!!) this year, who says “You never have to act your age”, and the lovely Celeste. We have Jennifer to thank for this wonderful barn and her amazing care. I think of my grown up kids in good hands here wherever we wander:)

If the horses and donkeys can’t melt you into puddles of ooh’s and ahhh’s…the cats will;) The old Toms command the barn and the habitants from the house come and go. They are a wonderful bunch of characters, guaranteed to make you smile! I’ll one day get a shot of everyone but here are some favourites:)

and those mini donkeys…sigh…Hope is locked in a stall on an extreme diet and she wins the prize for sad Eeyore face indeed. A starving donkey she’d like you to know, just don’t look at her belly, she is as wide as she is tall;)

“I’m starving! Really! You did bring snacks right?”

These amazing creatures bring a smile to my face when nothing else is really working. I feel privileged to be able to visit and share time with them and their owners. My friends. Here’s to a new month and more healing from natures best medicine!

Saludos amigos, stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “At the barn…the best medicine

  1. So glad you have equine fur therapy when you need more than the cats at home. And isn’t it nice that Mike shares your enthusiasms 😉 He makes rather a nice donkey, I think… ! Hard to weather the tides of grief. I wish you stamina to keep your head above water. <3

  2. What beauty images and words. Thank you for sharing, Pamela. I lost my father when we were both quite young so I know something of your pain. I wish I’d had these beautiful creatures to help me deal with my sorrow…which today, over 30 years later, is still very real.

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