Wait…it has snowed! We’re still here;)

2018-10-28 020AS

I can’t say I mind, it is so beautiful! It started falling and quickly covered the ground and trees. Wonderful wet snowball and snowmen snow! Gamora got to see snow for the first time, I think she is part snow leopard, Groot was not as amused and went from dry patch to dry patch, looking for rocks and stumps to stand on.

Glad I’d gotten a winter jacket the week before at the GT boutique, needed it, as well as out hats and mittens! It seemed a few days ago it was warm! You never know here. Halloween kids will be dressed as snow men this year:)

We’re holed up in the cottage keeping the wood stove going to keep the pipes from freezing. Night time temperatures have dropped below zero for a few nights and with the wind it has been chilly. Hopefully we can close up the cottage this coming week and help drain the lines and pump. In the meantime it has been odd being in a house with a kitchen! Woohoo, and a large sink! The cats are taking full advantage of the room to run and gleefully skid around the corners at top speed sliding on the wooden flooring with no traction at all:) Vacation time for cats! The old guy has his bed and the wood stove, he is quite content:)


Last ride down the paths littered with leaves crunching under the hooves…:)

We went down to the barn at the end of the week anticipating leaving and to say goodbye to our four-legged family and their fabulous caretaker Jennifer. Had one last hack with her and Joanne, Boots, Maya and Phoenix, walking on a long rein between the bare trees, cold but beautiful going down these trails with the sound of crunching leaves under the horses hooves. Their coats are getting woolly and thick, soft to the touch like a plush toy.

Mike stayed and stuffed the cats and donkeys with treats. They are adorable, and they wanted in! and food! They have their winter coats and are ready for winter! It all seems to change so quickly, ten days ago we were at peak colour and now, not many leaves left on the trees, the snow and wind knocked down a new blanket of them to cover the ground.

By tomorrow this white stuff, it will be all gone, just a taste of what is yet to come for souls hardier than us. We will very soon be heading South! In the mean time though, this is glorious!

Saludos amigos, stay tuned!

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