The colour orange-a time to be thankful

2018-10-03 143AS

These days when people say the colour orange we tend to think of a somewhat unpleasant looking president to the South, kind of ruins the colour orange for many sadly, this year I am going to put a positive spin on it. Tired of the news and lack of humanity in so many of our elected officials it’s time to focus on a bit of beauty on this Canadian Thanksgiving day. I can see both sides as my mother came from a IRA card-carrying Republican family (now wonderfully that has joined the dark side mostly;) isn’t that what the democrats and liberals are being portrayed as?) and a Canadian father who worked with his hands side by side with his lovely wife, knows what being a good fair busineman is and what an amazing thing universal health care can be…either way my grandparents on both sides would have been outraged at what has happened to what they thought was a political party. If they could come back today they would be flabbergasted at what was in front of them, the zoo, of news and accusations, truth and false, rage and sadness, the absurdity of corporate play in the political system and the overall greed that drives the machine…but let’s let that orange go…for now.

It is indeed gray and dull but we have had moments of fabulous light in the last few days and the trees are swinging into the most glorious outfits for the Fall dance of the leaves:)

I belong to a photography group that focuses on a different colour each month, October is orange and what glorious oranges we have around us. The harvest orange, the farm stands filled with squash and pumpkins, fresh carrots in multi colours and the mums, the last flowers to grace the porches as the Halloween decorations and cornstalks arrive to sit with giant pumpkins.

The forest floor with the addition of rain has produced an amazing array of mushrooms and fungus. I’ve learned to rush out and take the shots as I see them as the small raccoon hanging about seems to eat them as quickly as they pop up!

As the leaves slowly turn the usual groups of critters comes and goes, I missed a text about a young black bear sitting at the side of the cottage road…darn! The fawns have lost their spots I see as they come down to the lake to drink. Groot stalked a big doe ( from a very long ways away I might add)..she did stop, and look, what is that small mountain lion doing hiding behind that stump;)

The bird feeders have to come in at night, the local raccoon will pull them down and stuff her face, the squirrels are doing Cirque de Soleil acrobatics to get at them as well, storing up for the Winter no doubt. Birds are having a hard time getting in for a feed at times;) The woodpeckers, Hairy and Downy, still trying to get a shot of the two different species on the same tree, and the bluejays are quite bold. The Nuthatches and Chickadees squeeze in at every opportunity for a seed and the Goldfinches as well. The juveniles are changing colour and look like the adults now.

The Merlin has stayed about, usually in the tree tops chasing a band of pigeons from the nearby barns, you see them take off with a fighter like type bird/plane after them, I occasionally find a pile of feathers…The Pileated Woodpeckers have been quiet this week after a mad rampage of tree and bark pruning all around us, settling in for Fall perhaps. Baby boy is still following mother about:)

As the days seem to suddenly get shorter and the nights have a chill we feel our time here is coming to a close for this year, like the Mergansers, Geese and Loons who are still crying out, it is time to start thinking about packing up and heading South, soon….

2018-09-15 199AS

Mrs. Merganser still has all nine of her brood:)

Soon, we still have some colour to explore and yes, lot and lots more orange:) Stay tuned amigos. Saludos y abrazos! Think today what you are thankful for, and tell those you love:)

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  1. I am thankful for you dear Pamela, for the wonderful stories, travels and photos you bring to my life! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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