Lake Moraine-A certain blue enters your soul

“A certain blue enters your soul”

Henri Matisse

2018-06-16 257AS
I was going to try to add Lake Moraine to the Lake Louise blog but I felt it needed its own. The beauty is soul-stirring. We headed up to the lake around noon, only to be turned away as the parking lot was full, the young men at the turn said to try back much later in the day, I was heartbroken, this was on my list of places I so wanted to see. We went back to the trailer after dieseling up to pass a few hours and made a return attempt at 3. Once again it was still closed…NOOOOO!!! We drove up the road to a small day use area to turn around and by the time we were headed back to the campground the barriers were being moved and we were motioned in, people were leaving for the day! YEAH!!! I was ecstatic, Mike was giving me the “I’m not going to be able to live with you” look as we were turning around;) Located some 14 km from Lake Louise hamlet the road twists and turns, past small waterfalls and rivers into the Valley of the Ten Peaks.


Hiking around at 6000 feet yesterday combined with all the driving we have been doing confined us to the lakeshore trail, no massive elevation changes just a saunter along 3 km of spectacular mother nature’s artistry. From what I’ve read this time in June gives the peak colour to the lake. The colour is due to the refraction of light off the rock flour /silt deposited in the lake on a continual basis. The colour changes with the light as well!

At the end of the Lakeshore trail a boardwalk takes you to the stream of rushing water that flows from the Wenkchemna Glacier. The lakeshore path is a non stop treat for the eyes. Dozens of small streams cascade down the sides of the mountains, the sound of trickling water comes from all directions. There are small beaches and piles of logs to sit and rest and contemplate this marvel….and loons, and ducks!

The Loon was spectacular beyond measure as we sat at the beach and he came and went, threatening a pair of Harlequin Ducks! I’ve never seen anything like them!They are a Northern species barely making it into the NW of the US. I was not expecting these beautiful birds in this stunning setting. Talk about a happy camper:)

On our way back I told Mike I was going to scramble up the rock pile for a few last shots, he said he’d wait at the bottom, something about heights, drop offs and dying so I left him to rest. I did not know there is actually a path around the back, instead, being a good half Canadian I scrambled across the piled up logs at the end of the bay like a lumberjack and proceeded to scale the rocks, hand over fist. I didn’t quite get to the top but found a spot to sit, and breath and just marvel. The higher you get, the deeper the colour seems.

Worth every little scrape and scratch:) I did put the camera away for the trip down in my backpack;) Why is going down always harder than going up at times?;)

So, many more hikes I want to do here. We will most certainly be back. This time of year seems ideal, maybe I’ll get some bear spray;) I would urge anyone who has the chance to visit this striking place do so and sit and take it in! Next time we’ll have our own canoe or Kayak as well to paddle out into this fabulous lake of blue!

Saludos y abrazos amigos-stay tuned as we visit another UNESCO World Heritage Site-Dinosaur Provincial Park-Coming soon

The Albert Badlands

The Albert Badlands


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    • So glad you enjoyed it, it was an inspiring place to see, so much beauty, such astounding colour! We will go back and do more of the trails!

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