Wild winds and wildflowers-Oregon Coastline

Leaving the somewhat dark feel of the forest we headed up the 101, said goodbye to California and entered the beautiful state of Oregon. Our first stop for a night was in Brookings, we were hoping for a State Park but it was full so ended up at the At Rivers Edge RV park along the Chetco River. Beautiful drive to get there, folks complain about the steep grade to get down but not too bad, just one lane-look ahead;) geez, they need to drive Baja roads:) Typical tight side by side concrete pads in park, nothing available close to the river, but very friendly people and fine for just a night, nowhere to walk the cats really and the river I can’t say held any charm but the town and port are lovely. Fresh fish house at the port made Groot very happy, his first Sea Trout (lingcod I think) made for a happy trio of cats:) Yes they are spoiled rotten! We took a few hours in the morning to explore Harris Beach State Park and a few miles of the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor. Our next jump to Cape Blanco was only 65 miles so we had some time to drive the corridor. 12 miles of forested park with a rugged, steep coastline interrupted by small sand beaches…wowza! Spectacular.

Mike took a few looks but declined one hike I made down to a small point along the Oregon Trail after the Natural Bridges viewpoint. It was rough but stunningly beautiful with huge drop offs that tested my stomach and I have no fear of heights at all. I contemplated once or twice turning back but I HAD to see bottom of the trail;) The turquoise colour of the sea in the kelp beds was spectacular! I scooted out on my bottom as far as I dared go on a small root covered point, the wind was howling and blowing me about-I didn’t want to end up over the edge;) I made a short video, grasping the phone in the howling wind thinking, man, if I drop this it will not be good;)

Video of Natural Bridges

This is part of the 400 mile long Oregon trail that follows the coast. The fields and paths were covered with wildflowers. The path down to the small point consisted of tree root steps and plants I’ve never seen mixed with familiar ones as well. Perfect wildflower season. An older couple and I had a conversation as we stopped to catch our breath about how age and the realization of mortality sinks in…ha!

Iris dot the hillsides and foxtail in pale and bright pink flank the roadsides. The green is intoxicating! There are multiple pull outs along the small two lane US#101 that are perfect for a rest or just to sit and listen to the waves and wind. So glad we took part of the morning to see it:)

I could spend a few weeks here hiking the trails quite happily! We stopped by Harris Beach State Park for a drive through to check out the sites, a few we could fit in for future reference! I didn’t want to go back to the RV park:) I know they are convenient but sometimes so soul less. It’s like being in a city but you are not…hate it!

It was overwhelming so much beauty, the coastline combined with the wildflowers, eye candy everywhere you looked! We’ll be back to this area. The amazing thing was it is also a small micro climate. In Brookings, population around 6500, by the river it was over 80 degrees and on the coast a few minutes away the temperatures fell to 62 degrees flinstone scale;)…(farenheit) according to Wikipedia “Due to its location, Brookings is subject to winter (and less frequently summer) temperatures considered unusually warm for the Oregon coast. Temperatures can reach 70 to 100 °F (21.1 to 37.8 °C) throughout the year. This is due mostly to its situation at the foot of the Klamath Mountains, from which winds compress and warm the air flowing onto Brookings. This is called the Brookings effect or Chetco effect, similar to the warm dry Santa Ana winds of coastal Southern California. Daffodils and other bulbs generally bloom in February.” That is the explanation and elderly RVer gave for liking the town as well:) isn’t that special;)

2018-05-27 154_stitchBS

This is such a beautiful coast

So there you have it, our first stop in Oregon, won’t be our last here I can truthfully say!

Groot says we should eat more fish, he likes it here too;)

Saludos amigos and stay tuned for more coastlines, howling winds and lighthouses!


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