Bosque del Apache and West

Cranes, Sandhill Cranes…that is what the festival week at Bosque del Apache is all about:)…and not just cranes, Snow Geese and dozens of varieties of ducks call this spot home for the winter as well as wandering clans (rafters they are called in groups, I have googled it) of Wild Turkeys:)


We were lucky enough to meet up with Erv and Sandra who have studied the Cranes and followed them on their migration all over the United States. They were kind enough to let us sit in on their very informative talk, so much to learn about these beautiful birds! But I have to admit, I have a soft spot for the Snow Geese, just to listen to them is like music to my ears. The family interaction and squabbles. Ma and Pa keeping the kids in line;)


We drove around the North Loop of the reserve taking it all in. We’ll be back next year and camped somewhat closer! So many workshops for photography…green with envy I was so hope to be able to do the whole week next year!

2017-11-14 352AS

The New Mexico blues, mountains and sky and Fall colours near the Rio Grande

It was about an hour drive back to Elephant Butte Reservoir. One more night of calling quails and doves before we headed West to Kartchner Caverns, a favourite stop of ours.


It was a bit longer hop than our usual three hours, a bit over 270 miles but mostly all Interstate, not my favourite but that was the way to go. We did get to drive through Hatch, New Mexico and that looked like a spot to come back to, all those chilis, or is that Chillies?


The Kartchner Caverns are living caves, water is still dripping from the ceilings and formations are still being made, albeit it slowly;) There is no photography allowed in the caverns so I can’t show you what it looks like, you’ll have to go for yourselves! It has been extremely dry here for the last month, noticeably different from our last visit which was in March. It is so wonderful to back in the South West, not only for the warmer temperatures but the life, the birds, the songs as you go outside!


Even with the dry, there is life everywhere, we had a small hitchhiker we had to take care of down in the pass through by Mike’s telescopes…sorry Mr. Mouse:(

Groot and Gamora had to learn about prickly things and thorns again…always an adventure. Gamora is getting better on the leash, still quite frightened by cars, not a bad thing, and people, but she will eventually get used to all the commotion in the outside world:)

We had a nice site with a view of Apache Peak out the back window. I was glad I’d made the reservation as the park filled up while we were there. Sites 11 and 12 actually have sewer connections that they don’t advertise.


We did the Big Room tour the day before we left, other than having to dodge a very flatulent older man in front of us and some old ass in the group that kept hollering out biblical exclamations…really? “God’s work” and “that’s what Noah did”…put a lid on it…I don’t shout out my religious convictions…wait..hah! I don’t have any;) we had a great guide, lots of information. I had no idea lint was a cave problem…

Next stop Tucson, but that, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum are another story. Stay tuned amigos and Happy Turkey Day to all of you celebrating, we’ll be forgoing the marshmallow topped sweet potatoes and Jello salad here at the RV park and just relaxing!


I’ll take my Turkey walking this Thursday Nov 23d 😉

2 thoughts on “Bosque del Apache and West

  1. Fabulous post, Pamela. Any chance we could meet you when you pass through the Phoenix area? We live on the west side in Buckeye and my community at the base of the White Tank Mountains has lots of good birding with a couple of rarities thrown in!

    • We are on a mission to get to Baja this month but are back in January! We’ve stayed at White Tank Mountains State Park! I loved it. Also would love to camp out by the Salt River, would love to see the wild horses. We’ll be back in your area and can hook up in the New Year! Would love that! I’ll let you know as we get closer!

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