Where did September go?

As I sit here, drops of sweat dripping off my nose I am astounded it is still September, and at the same time, it feels like July. Where did the month go? 33° today…celcius, 91.4° on the Flintstone scale…stinking hot.

2017-09-26 016AS

Being blessed by good weather after a summer of rain and cooler than normal temperatures is not a bad thing;) The blow will come at the end of the week as a cold front moves in and the clouds and blustery Fall weather with it. Plans to go South after Thanksgiving are forming and the Fall clean up is starting to happen. Docks being put away, inflatable rafts rolled up and stored for next year.

The trip back to Baja ate up 10 days of the month as well. Flying in over the Anza Borrego desert was spectacular ( I got lucky looking South) and Ensenada, wonderful as always to spend at quiet night at Estero listening to the shore birds before heading up to the ranch. The smiles at the toll booths reminded me of why I love Mexico…

Hoping the lovely German couple do fall in love with Concepcion, it’s not hard to love that place and it’s amazing flora, fauna and water. It was wonderful showing them around, you realize just how much we accomplished in the decade we spent there when you start to show others just what we started with there, which was nothing, and what we built:)

I was so pleased to hear the hummingbird migration. Like a busy airport it starts before dawn. The buzzing of wings and the fights and quarrels over who gets what place at the feeder. We had Anna’s, Allen’s and Black Chinned all vying for the prime spots. The Allen’s generally rule the airwaves during the slower times and then just give up as the hordes descend:)


“Mine, now put the feeder back lady!”

It is always sad to leave the ranch, there is such peace there and I do love it, but it is time for new adventures. It’s hard to be separated from Mike for these impromptu trips. Unlike some couples we have spent our entire lives together, working together at Ranyhyn Farm in Perth and then the decade in Baja, we are not used to being separated, we’re a good team, and we like each other, no, we so very much love each other, being apart is incredibly difficult.

As we head South I’m looking forward to these dark skies again. At 3 am one morning , still on East coast time, I was wide awake. I wandered out with the camera and using a bag of pinto beans for a tripod, tried to capture the setting Milky Way. I’d wished I’d brought my jacket but a few towels and clothes pins worked for warmth, the chill of Fall is already here at 5000 feet of elevation.

Setting Milky Way

Setting Milky Way

The usual gang of birds and creatures were present at the ranch. The jack rabbits were busy with the new grass and a small herd of deer wandered by one afternoon. The woodpeckers and Scrub Jays were busy picking up the oak’s acorns and stashing them away. A Loggerhead Shrike serenaded me my last morning there, he’s a first for me, always excited to see a new arrival. No killer rattlesnakes;) I did disturb a sleeping Two-Toned Garter Snake as I watered a parched garden, he wasn’t too pleased but moved on to a dryer spot. I have to admit spending almost a week there alone was a tonic of quiet and peace. Time for reflection and wonder, as always. No TV, no news just you and nature, but I was ready to head home.

I spent a night in San Diego in a somewhat moldy smelling hotel room near the airport. I tried to open the windows but the noise outside had me closing them right up again. I crossed the border tired, very late and worn out from driving and couldn’t go any further. My flight out was in the morning so I was poised to leave. I was irritated, not just by the noise, I know to expect that when I come back to San Diego but by something the border crossing guard had said as I handed him my passport. He asked what I’d been doing in “Mexico”, I told him…”Alone?” he queried me, WTF is what I was thinking, what does this moron mean…”yes, alone”I added. I wanted to add to the conversation in a sarcastic way but have learned over the years you only answer what is being asked and you can get the hell away from these small power-hungry little jerks. What business of his was my alone, or not alone status. Nope, no one in the trunk asshole, yes, I’m alone, yes, in Mexico, did I mention I feel safer there than in the US buddy, jerk off, scumbag and worse came to mind. I’m not accustomed to sexism, perhaps because the people I share my life with and my friends would never question my abilities to be “alone” or together with someone. Welcome to the USA…the new, I can say what I want USA, seems to be the trend, with no regard to anything, or anyone.

I had a wonderful breakfast with my brother and caught up with his life. Always a treat for me. With the rental car returned through the labyrinth of the San Diego airport and then checked in, x-rayed, patted down, I was ready to get the hell out of Dodge;) My treat was getting all three seats to myself in row 29 of the wonderful Air Canada flight and getting to see the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley from the air…now I need to see them in person!

2017-09-21 105AS

Grand Canyon!

Mike picked me up at 1:30 in the morning and it felt wonderful to be home, a polite home, something I always notice as I cross the border, both into Canada, and into Mexico, there is a level of societal politeness than is lacking in-between.

Mike had his hands full with Groot, a rather exuberant Gamora and of course our old guy Puffy, aka Beezil. Gamora didn’t miss me at all, the old guy did, he’s my boy:) She seemed to double in size in 10 days;) Groot loves her and they successfully wear each other out daily. She now has her own harness and leash and is just a bit too smart;) She’s quite the little street urchin, fearless and curious. There were daily walks, then Mike running away from the trailer when they became too obnoxious;) Life back to normal:)

I guess it has been a busy month, time flies when you’re having fun, who ever said that? Shoot them, yikes, I think I spent too much time in America…0_0…hahahahahaha! Back to a regular routine, catching up, enjoying our feline family of three now. I’d forgotten just how crazy a kitten can be. Groot is such a serious boy, so well behaved! Gamora is living up to her name;) We’ll keep you posted, they may need their own book, or Facebook page soon, someone contacted me asking where “Groot’s”page was? hahahaha!

The weather is changing today, clouds are rolling in and a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. The leaves are falling and it’s time to take the canoe out one last time on a glassy morning and see the colour reflected in the water. It means colder nights and temperate days, it means Fall, glorious Fall.

“and all at once, Summer collapsed into Fall”

Oscar Wilde

Saludos amigos, stay tuned for colour, and more colour as pumpkin season arrives!

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  1. We are living on our 5th wheel trailer in Onatrio but I had to go back to Baja as we had someone interested in buying the ranch we have there:) so living at both last week;) I was feeling a bit confused myself;) long trips back and forth!

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