Solar Eclipse from Perth, Ontario


Start of the solar eclipse

As much as we wanted to travel West to see the total eclipse of the sun it did not quite pan out as we had hoped. A few obstacles presented themselves and then a last-minute 1600 km drive to Nebraska was just too far. Cloud cover did not look good for going too far South either so we decided to stay home and treat our fellow Perthites to a view through the solar scope. Mike’s friend InQ came to help out and they had a great small local crowd.

2017-08-21 009A

Crystal Palace, Perth. Eclipse viewing

There was even some nice announcements from the local radio station Lake 88.1

Lots of cell phone shots through the eyepieces and line ups to look! Thanks Pamela Shivak for the solar sunglasses they were a huge hit and so nice to give them out for free!

There were a lot of ooh’s and aah’s going on! Great set of sunspots in the middle, as well as flares and beautiful prominences on the top right! Wonderful time with friends!


Towards the end of the eclipse

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