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2016-07-11 198AAsign

Otty Lake

It has been a long time since we have had the opportunity to spend time in Perth, not rushed by familial obligations, emergencies or preset times and flights. Just time, to wallow in it’s familiarity and soak it up. Small towns, there are pros and cons but this little town is special. Mike was born here, went to to school here, spent the first 42 years of his life here, it holds those special memories that come with time. I spent the longest time of my life in one place here, a whole 15 years, maybe it was more. We’re not very good at keeping track of years, we just live.

Wandering through town, exploring old haunts and seeing what has changed and marveling at what has not. Running into familiar faces and making those connections again, barn, work, school, who was that? they looked familiar, oh yes, they had a horse at the barn, or their sister did, what was his name or didn’t we buy hay from them…and it goes on. Very surreal in a way. Eight years come and gone and here we are planted at the most beautiful spot on a lake I can imagine, with our home on our backs and cats, surrounded by old friends, because you know your true friends, nothing really changes when you meet again, it is as if you never left…

Here’s to good friendships, food and drink and many many fine times:)2016-07-11 363Asign

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