♫♪♫ Summertime….♪♫♪ part one

Where does the time go? Is there a direct correlation between age and how fast time flies? Ha! I’ll be on the bullet train soon at this rate;) All kidding aside, no train rides for me. I’ve just felt confident enough to go for a meal outside without a mask, and that may not last;) In my Facebook feed, I see a world acting as though nothing has happened, thrown their hats up into the breeze and exclaimed “We’re all free, we won’t vaccinate, we’re woke!” Is it wrong for me to mutter “Most likely dead sooner than later…” under my breath? I dunno. I am astounded at how many we do meet that haven’t been vaccinated. I get the rhetoric, they don’t know the long term side effects (although we DO know the long term side effects of Covid and it isn’t pretty folks), it was rushed, big pharma is out to get you (now, maybe your pocket book but they can’t expect to kill off the human race with a vaccine and then stay profitable people!) yadda, yadda, yadda….sigh…We are not surrounded by these people I see in my feed, just to make that clear. Most people we know really want to get back to having friends over, socializing without fear of killing someone else down the line, in fact Lanark, Leeds, Grenville has one of the highest vaccination rates in Ontario. I will go back to the bugs, and birds and other crawling critters that seem to have far more sense than most humans. In my lifetime I fear I will the see the end of many natural things, if I’m lucky to live that long. Human stupidity amazes me, saddens me, absolutely astonishes me, not usually in a good way that is. I don’t have any children to leave the future to, but many have, and I’ve come to the conclusion that most will give anything lip service as long as they can go to the store and buy a box of Fruit Loops, or Rice Crispies;) Ha! Don’t forget the marshmallows;)

This beautiful little female Ruby Throated Hummingbird image resonated with a lot of people. Maybe it is the colours, or the stance, maybe just a beautiful little bird in someone’s feed that wasn’t having a good day. If it brought a smile to anyone’s face I am glad. It makes you think that sometimes it is the small things in our lives that bring the most happiness. I think the one thing we need to do is look outside ourselves and our situations. Many have struggled, many have continued to valiantly work on, because they have to. Many are essential workers in the medical world, many are simply ringing cash registers. At the end of the day, they need to pay their rent, taxes, food, electric. Those lucky enough to work from home have had other issues, getting undressed in front of their still running computer was an unfortunate one, please, don’t play with yourself while doing this;). Perhaps the cat crashed their zoom meeting, I would have thought that would be welcome relief in these odd times;) As Ontario slowly reopens we hear the same complaints from employers, there is NO one to hire, even at increased salaries. Cafes and restaurants are running understaffed, plumbers and carpenters are turning down work as they don’t have the employees to do the work. When the CERB benefit transferred to unemployment many wondered why anyone would go back to work, if they were still being paid by the government. Would I? Turn down a 40 hour week of standing on your feet and running in any understaffed, store, restaurant or bar for a few dollars more…not sure:) Just glad we don’t have to see Randy Hillier’s ugly smug mug shaking hands with one more store owner/employee idiot protesting more lockdowns. Life goes on, for us today, but not for the many that did not survive their encounter with Covid….Enough of that.

Tomorrow we will go on to explore the weird and wonderful world of nature in our little neck of the woods…did you know there were 16 different species of bumblebees in Ontario alone? (so far I have only seen four but the Summer is not over yet!) Stay tuned…if your don’t like bugs, well, fuck off, no need to tune in;) hahahahahaha!

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